How Many Books Are On Epic?

by Amy

In the digital age, the way we consume literature has undergone a profound transformation. With the rise of e-readers and digital libraries, accessing a vast array of books has never been easier. One platform that has garnered attention for its extensive collection is Epic. In this article, we delve into the depths of Epic’s library, examining the total number of books available, the diversity of genres and categories, how it stacks up against competitors, popular titles and authors, updates and expansion plans, as well as user reviews and ratings.

Total Number of Books

At the heart of Epic lies its expansive library, a treasure trove of literary works waiting to be discovered. As of the latest update, Epic boasts an impressive collection of over 40,000 books, encompassing both fiction and non-fiction titles. This vast repository ensures that readers of all ages and interests can find something to captivate their imagination and broaden their horizons.

Genre and Category Breakdown

One of the defining features of Epic is its diverse range of genres and categories. From timeless classics to contemporary bestsellers, Epic caters to every literary taste. Whether you’re a fan of fantasy, mystery, science fiction, historical fiction, or romance, you’ll find an abundance of options to explore. Moreover, Epic offers a wealth of non-fiction categories, including history, biography, science, and more, providing readers with ample opportunities for learning and enrichment.

Comparison with Competitors

In a crowded landscape of digital libraries and e-book platforms, Epic stands out for its expansive collection and user-friendly interface. When compared to competitors such as Kindle Unlimited and Scribd, Epic holds its own, offering a comparable number of books alongside unique features tailored for young readers. While each platform has its strengths and weaknesses, Epic’s emphasis on curated content for children sets it apart in the market, making it an ideal choice for families and educators alike.

Popular Titles or Authors

Among Epic’s vast collection, certain titles and authors have emerged as favorites among readers. From beloved children’s classics like “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak to contemporary hits like “The Hunger Games” series by Suzanne Collins, Epic offers a curated selection of popular titles that have captured the hearts and imaginations of readers worldwide. Additionally, Epic showcases a diverse range of authors, including established literary giants and emerging voices, ensuring a rich and varied reading experience for all.

Updates and Expansion

One of the hallmarks of Epic is its commitment to continual improvement and expansion. With regular updates and additions to its library, Epic ensures that readers always have access to fresh and engaging content. Whether it’s new releases from bestselling authors or hidden gems waiting to be discovered, Epic’s dedication to expanding its offerings ensures that there’s always something new to explore.

User Reviews and Ratings

User reviews and ratings provide valuable insights into the quality and reception of the books available on Epic. With a robust community of readers and educators, Epic offers a platform for users to share their thoughts and recommendations, helping others discover their next great read. Whether it’s praise for a captivating story or constructive feedback for improvement, user reviews play a crucial role in shaping the Epic experience and guiding readers toward quality content.


In conclusion, Epic stands as a beacon of literary discovery in the digital age, offering a vast and diverse library that caters to readers of all ages and interests. With its expansive collection, curated content, and commitment to continuous improvement, Epic provides an unparalleled reading experience that inspires curiosity, fosters imagination, and promotes a lifelong love of learning. Whether you’re seeking a beloved classic, a contemporary bestseller, or an educational resource for young readers, Epic invites you to embark on a literary journey and explore the boundless possibilities of storytelling.

FAQs about Epic Books

1. What is the total number of books available on Epic?

Epic offers an extensive library with over 40,000 books, spanning a wide range of genres and categories. Whether you’re looking for fiction, non-fiction, or educational titles, Epic has something for everyone.

2. What is the longest book available on Epic, and what is its name?

While Epic hosts a diverse selection of books, determining the longest book can be subjective based on factors such as word count, page length, and formatting. However, some lengthy titles available on Epic include epic novels like “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy or “Infinite Jest” by David Foster Wallace.

3. How much does it cost to access Epic books?

Epic offers a variety of subscription options to access its library of books. Pricing may vary depending on factors such as the type of subscription (individual or educator), the duration of the subscription, and any promotional offers available. For detailed pricing information, visit the Epic website or contact their customer support.

4. How old is Epic Books?

Epic was founded in 2013 by Suren Markosian and Kevin Donahue with the mission of providing unlimited access to high-quality children’s literature. Since its inception, Epic has grown into a leading digital library platform, serving millions of readers worldwide and earning acclaim for its curated content and educational resources.

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