20 Thanksgiving Limericks You May Wanna Know

by Amy

Thanksgiving—a time for gratitude, gathering, and, undoubtedly, the gentle art of gastronomy. Yet, in the heart of these traditions lies an often-overlooked component: laughter. Amidst the turkey, the trimmings, and the thankfulness, there’s room to weave the fabric of joy through words, specifically, through the charming and whimsical form of limericks. This article embarks on a culinary and creative journey, presenting 20 Thanksgiving limericks designed to entertain, amuse, and perhaps inspire your own poetic endeavors during this festive season.

The Essence of a Limerick

Before we dive into our feast of words, let’s briefly revisit what makes a limerick, well, a limerick. Originating from the Irish town of Limerick, this form of poetry is known for its distinctive AABBA rhyme scheme, its five-line structure, and its often humorous, whimsical, or nonsensical content. A good limerick not only rhymes but also maintains a specific rhythm, with the first, second, and fifth lines typically longer than the third and fourth.

The Thanksgiving Table Set with Words

As we gather around the metaphorical table of creativity, each limerick serves as a course, contributing to the overarching theme of Thanksgiving. From the turkey’s plight to the joy of family gatherings, and even the occasional kitchen disaster, these limericks aim to encapsulate the myriad experiences that make Thanksgiving uniquely memorable.

1. The Turkey’s Great Escape

There once was a turkey from Kent,
Whose days were most curiously spent,
Avoiding the oven,
With tactics quite lovin’,
Ensuring his feathers weren’t bent.

2. The Pie Conundrum

A baker from small Aberdeen,
Made the finest pies ever seen,
But on Thanksgiving Day,
They just ran away,
Leaving her quite contrite and keen.

3. The Grateful Gather

There once was a family so grand,
Around the table, they’d stand,
Giving thanks for the feast,
From the west to the east,
United together, hand in hand.

4. The Mischievous Dog

The dog had a plan in his head,
To snatch up the turkey and fled,
But caught in the act,
With the bird still intact,
He opted for cuddles instead.

5. The Vegetarian Guest

A guest who ate no meat nor fish,
Was presented with quite the dish,
Tofurkey so fine,
Paired with exquisite wine,
Fulfilling her Thanksgiving wish.

6. The Forgotten Cranberry Sauce

In the rush of the feast’s great cause,
Mom forgot the cranberry sauce,
But laughter filled air,
Made the oversight fair,
For family love covers all flaws.

7. The Football Game Tradition

With bellies full, they sat to view,
A game of football, not just a few,
Cheers and jeers in the room,
In the Thanksgiving gloom,
Bonding moments, oh so true.

8. The Early Morning Parade

The parade with balloons so high,
Filled the watchers with joy, oh my!
With each float that passed by,
Grown-ups and kids would sigh,
A spectacle under the November sky.

9. The Black Friday Plan

After Thanksgiving, at dawn’s first light,
Shoppers prepare for their annual fight,
For deals so wild,
Man, woman, and child,
Battle the crowds with all their might.

10. The Traveler’s Woe

A traveler trying to get home,
Found all flights overbooked, oh gnome!
Yet in this misadventure,
Found kindness, not censure,
Thanksgiving spirit, brightly shone.

11. The Leftover Challenge

With leftovers stacked so high,
Creativity began to fly,
Turkey tacos, pie shakes,
For goodness sakes,
Thanksgiving, the meal that won’t die.

12. The Kitchen Disaster

A novice cook with hope so bright,
Faced the turkey with sheer fright,
Though the bird was burned,
A great lesson was learned,
Laughter made the meal just right.

13. The Wine Mishap

Uncle Joe, with wine in tow,
Tripped over the rug, oh no!
The red splashed wide,
But no one cried,
For in mishaps, family love does grow.

14. The Mysterious Disappearing Pie

A pie was left to cool outside,
Then disappeared, as if to hide.
Suspicion fell on each face,
But Grandma smiled with grace,
Her secret recipe, now a family guide.

15. The Joy of Giving

On a day not just for feasting,
The joy of giving was not leasting,
For each shared dish,
Fulfilled a wish,
Thanksgiving’s warmth ever increasing.

16. The Uninvited Guest

A squirrel made its way inside,
In the dining room, it did bide,
Nibbling on this and that,
Like a proper little brat,
Its Thanksgiving feast, it did not hide.

17. The Wobbly Table Saga

The table wobbled, oh so slight,
Under the feast’s great weight and height,
But with books stacked under,
It stood, a wonder,
Making our Thanksgiving just right.

18. The Last-Minute Guest

With a knock, came a last-minute guest,
Putting our preparations to the test,
But with plates added quick,
We welcomed Nick,
For at Thanksgiving, more is best.

19. The Epic Nap

After eating, Dad took to his chair,
And soon was snoring without a care,
His epic nap,
A Thanksgiving wrap,
A family tradition, we swear.

20. The Gratitude Circle

Before the meal, we stood in a circle so tight,
Sharing our thanks with all our might,
For love, for friends,
For means to ends,
Gratitude’s glow, oh so bright.


Through the playful syllables of limericks, we’re reminded that Thanksgiving transcends the sumptuous feasts and hallowed traditions; it’s a celebration of joy, imperfection, and the communal spirit of gratitude. Each limerick, with its quirky rhymes and rhythmic beats, captures the essence of this cherished holiday—a blend of humor, warmth, and the enduring power of togetherness.

As you gather around your table this Thanksgiving, may you find a moment to share a laugh, a smile, or perhaps a limerick of your own. For in the end, it is these shared moments of joy and gratitude that truly define the spirit of Thanksgiving.

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