20 Short Valentine’s Day Limerick Poems You May Not Know

by Amy

Valentine’s Day, a day earmarked for celebrating love and affection between intimate companions, has, over the years, evolved in the ways it is celebrated. Among chocolates, flowers, and heartfelt notes, literature, particularly poetry, holds a special place in expressing the nuances of love. This year, let’s delve into the whimsical world of limericks to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Limericks, known for their distinctive AABBA rhyme scheme and humorous nature, can encapsulate love’s playful and endearing aspects. This article presents a curated collection of 20 Valentine’s Day limericks, each a tiny ode to love, laughter, and companionship.

A Brief Overview of the Limerick

Originating in the early 18th century, the limerick has been a popular form for humorous and nonsensical poems. Its structure—five lines with a distinctive rhythm—makes it ideal for witty, and often cheeky, expressions of love. Limericks challenge the poet to convey sentiment and humor within a concise format, making them perfect tokens of affection that can be shared and enjoyed between lovers and friends alike on Valentine’s Day.

The Limericks

1. The Puzzled Lover

There once was a lover quite bold,
Whose Valentine’s gifts broke the mold.
“I love you,” he’d say,
In his own quirky way,
With a crossword where his love was told.

2. The Secret Admirer

In the heart of a shy one, love flickers,
Dreaming quietly, his heartbeat quickers.
A note he did send,
Love he wished to extend,
Signed only with hopeful whispers.

3. The Culinary Companion

A chef with a heart so tender,
Made dishes that made hearts surrender.
“My love’s not just food,”
He romantically mused,
“But in every bite, you’re the center.”

4. The Clumsy Confession

A suitor with two left feet,
Tried to sweep his love off her feet.
He tripped on a rose,
Fell flat, I suppose,
Yet their laughter made the evening sweet.

5. The Timeless Love

There once were lovers, aged and wise,
Who saw the world through joyful eyes.
“Though our hair turns to grey,
Our love will not sway,
It’s forever young,” they surmise.

6. The Gardener’s Vow

A gardener planted with care,
Blooms that none could compare.
“Each petal, each leaf,
Speaks my love, brief,
In this garden, my heart I bare.”

7. The Tech-Savvy Sweethearts

In a world where love’s digital,
Their feelings became pivotal.
Through texts, they’d express,
Their love, no more, no less,
A romance quite unconventional.

8. The Long-Distance Love

Miles apart but close at heart,
A love that’s off the typical chart.
“Though seas keep us apart,
You’re always in my heart,”
A promise that they’ll never part.

9. The Bookworms’ Ballad

Two bookworms found love in a story,
In pages, they found their glory.
“With each book we complete,
Our love becomes sweet,
In tales, we write our own story.”

10. The Star-Crossed Lovers

There once were lovers like night and day,
Seemingly worlds apart, they say.
Yet under the stars, they found their way,
In love’s eternal light, they’ll forever stay.

11. The Playful Pair

A couple who laughed at their own jokes,
Found love not in grandeur but in pokes.
“With a giggle and a wink,
Our hearts sync,
Love is funny,” say these folks.

12. The Artistic Souls

Artists with palettes so bright,
Painted their love in light.
“Each color you see,
Represents you and me,
In hues, our hearts unite.”

13. The Pet Lovers’ Promise

With cats and dogs, they shared their home,
In a menagerie, they found their tome.
“With each purr and bark,
In daylight or dark,
Our love has freely roamed.”

14. The Musicians’ Melody

In melodies, they found a bond so rare,
Strumming hearts with tender care.
“With each note we play,
Our love’s on display,
A symphony beyond compare.”

15. The Hopeless Romantics

Dreamers dreaming dreams so sweet,
In love’s embrace, they feel complete.
“Let’s walk hand in hand,
In this wonderland,
Where every heartbeat is a treat.”

16. The Fitness Fanatics

Together in sweat, they found their groove,
In every move, their love would prove.
“Let’s run, let’s lift,
With each breath, we drift,
In fitness, our love’s on the move.”

17. The Vintage Pair

In styles of old, they found their flare,
A love that’s vintage, yet rare.
“With each swing dance spin,
Together we win,
A timeless love, beyond compare.”

18. The Adventure Seekers

Chasing adventures, hand in hand,
Their love as vast as the land.
“Over mountains, through seas,
With you, I’m at ease,
Our love is grand, and oh so planned.”

19. The Philosophical Souls

Pondering life’s mysteries together,
Their love as light as a feather.
“In questions, we find,
Our hearts intertwined,
In love’s philosophy, we tether.”

20. The Eternal Optimists

Seeing the world through rose-colored glasses,
Their love conquers all impasses.
“In laughter and smiles,
Through life’s trials,
Our love outshines the masses.”


The tradition of sharing love through poetry is a timeless one, with each verse holding the potential to touch hearts deeply. This collection of 20 Valentine’s Day limericks serves as a reminder that love, in its essence, is diverse, multifaceted, and enduring. Whether it’s a love that’s playful, passionate, or purely platonic, these limericks celebrate the universal language of love that connects us all. This Valentine’s Day, may these limericks inspire you to express your affection in new, creative, and humorous ways, proving that love can indeed be as light-hearted as it is deep.

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